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3 Fun Filled Holiday Activities

Posted in Location & Attractions @ Jan 28th 2022 11:53am - By Admin

Are you looking forward to travelling this year? Do you have any specific activities planned for your trip? Now is an excellent time to prepare. Who knows, you might just come across some new adventures that will make your trip even more enjoyable!

We've put together a list of exciting adventure ideas that you won't regret experiencing whilst staying with us at Burleigh on the Beach.

Let’s say you prefer a scenic suburb where you can enjoy the sun and sea. Burleigh Heads, or simply Burleigh, is ideal for those who enjoy swimming and surfing around the headland. If you enjoy nature, Burleigh Heads National Park has a variety of walking trails and wildlife to explore.

Aside from these, you can try the following adventures;

Why Not Take a Half-Day Kayak Tour

Despite its package name, this Half-Day Kayak Tour will provide you with a wealth of experiences. Your day will begin early at 7 AM - the tour team will pick up your group from your Gold Coast accommodation. When you're ready, you will all head out to the subtropical Burleigh Head National Park.

Your professional guide will lead you to Burleigh Headland for stunning vistas and breathtaking panoramas of Queensland's beautiful scenes. Then prepare for a kayaking adventure up Tallebudgera Creek.

Your expert guide will quickly teach you how to use the sit-on-top kayaks before travelling through the beautiful mangroves and waterways to the David Fleay Wildlife Park. Then you'll stop on a sandy riverbank for a light breakfast, and you also get to learn how to throw a boomerang.

Then you'll continue to David Fleay Wildlife Park. This wildlife park, which opened in 1953, is home to many native animals, birds, plants, and cutting-edge research. The park houses Australian animals in enclosures modelled after their natural habitats.

Visitors to the park will enjoy seeing the birds such as brolgas, cassowaries, eagles, jabiru, and owls. You’ll also get to see butterflies, crocodiles, gliders, kangaroos, koalas, lizards, snakes, and tree kangaroos. David Fleay Wildlife Park, by the way, is the only park on the Gold Coast where you can see a platypus!

This kayaking tour is appropriate for everyone, from beginners to experts, but it is not suitable for participants with medical conditions that prevent them from engaging in physical activity. The maximum weight is 135kg, and the minimum age is five years.

Bring sunscreen, a sunhat, sunglasses, swimwear, a towel, a pair of shoes like sandals or thongs, a change of clothes, a water bottle, and, of course, a camera to document your adventure.

Go on a Jet Boat & Parasailing Adventure

Wanting something a little more extreme? How about a jet boat ride and parasailing adventure with the Gold Coast's largest parasail fleet?

GC Jet Boat & Parasail provides you with two distinct experiences. If you want to go on a jet boat ride, you have three options: a 55-minute jet boat ride, a 20-minute jet boat ride, or a group jet boat ride. You will experience 360-degree spins, wave surfing, fishtails, and high-speed drifting on the water, regardless of which option you choose. There are three stops along the way where you can take in the scenery and see wild dolphins, marine life, and wallabies in the Moreton Bay marine park and visit the rich and famous mansions on Sovereign Island.

GC Jet Boat & Parasail will supply a life jacket, a kickass driver, a boatload of fun, a spray jacket, and 360 spins. However, you must bring your towel and sunscreen. Also, wear comfortable clothing and sunglasses.

But if you choose to go on a parasailing adventure, you have the option of going solo, tandem, or triple. In this adventure, you will be harnessed up in the latest safety equipment and winched 400ft above the water, providing you with epic views of the Gold Coast. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the 8 minutes of flight time while you're up there.

Go on a Jet Ski Safari

Do you enjoy speed? Why not go on a jet ski safari? Gold Coast Jet Ski Safaris provides a 30-minute Jet Ski Circuit, a 30-minute Jet Ski Safari, a 1-hour Jet Ski, a 1.5-hour Island Jet Ski Safari, and a 2.5-hour Ultimate Jet Ski Safari.

The 30-minute Jet Ski Circuit is ideal for first-timers who want to discover the fun and excitement of riding a Jet Ski on the approximately 1-kilometre jetski circuit. The 30-minute Jet Ski Safari, on the other hand, provides about 15 kilometres of additional sightseeing. You have the option of going full throttle or at a more leisurely pace.

Would you like to go on a more exciting safari? The 30-kilometre 1-hour Jet Ski ride will take you to the beautiful subtropical beaches of South Stradbroke Island. The 1.5-Hour Island Jet Ski Safari (40km) and the 2.5-Hour Ultimate Jet Ski Safari (80km) options for the ultimate Jet Ski adventure.

Take note that no license or experience is required. The friendly and experienced staff at Gold Coast Jet Ski Safaris conduct a full safety briefing before the activity and will accompany you to the track to supervise and assist you if necessary

Are you ready to turn these exciting adventure ideas into a reality? Then make your plans right away. Choose a date and invite your family or friends. Then, for easy access, make a reservation at a Burleigh Beach accommodation. Burleigh on the Beach is a fantastic place to stay. This Burleigh Beach Resort provides Holiday Apartments Burleigh Heads, ideal for a seaside getaway.

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